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Da Vinci timetable app

By: Marc Edel, Esat Karaer, Richard Augspurger & Stephen Stolk

The background

This project is made for the project durability from the study care and welfare at the Da Vinci College in Dordrecht. Four girls from this study formed a group and got an idea. They had to compete to other students from other schools. All groups had to present a prototype of their product to the other groups and a jury. They came to our study to ask for help. We teamed up with the girls to help them out. And we won!


The tools I used in the group: Php, Html, Css

Da Vinci App

The process

How did I make it?

Step 1: Concept

The idea was to replaces the paper timetables with an smartphone app. Also the studentscards will be replaced by the app. At Da Vinci there are 10.000 students. Every year new students get their studentcards. The year they did research there were 2500 new students. So that are about 2500 pieces of paper every year. Also every student gets every quarter a new timetable on papers. That's 10.000*4: 40.000 papers every year. With the studentcards it is 42.500 papers every year. What a waste of paper! The girls researched the usage of smartphones among students. It turned out that 95% of the students has a smartphone. So they devised an app where you can see your timetable. It also functions as your studentcard. With your studentcard you have to clock in on the schooldevices to show your presence.


Step 2: Making off

Their idea was the app. However they don't understand anything of programming apps and websites. They asked us to help and we did! We brainstormed ideas and were send to our workspace with the job to create the app. We agreed to meet each other every week to discuss the progress. Since we also didn't know anything about android, we decided to develop an app which retrieves a website. We coded the website with PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. The student can see their timetable and eventually changes which has been made to it. Via a QR-code the student could clock in to the schooldevices to show their presence. They had to log in with their student nummer and self created password.

My part in this project was the front-end of it. Writing html, css and javascript code. Since I wasn't a designer past then, We used the colors, after discussing about it, of the Da Vinci College. Unfortenatily they have changed the colors to green and white. We are using the old colors from three years back.

Step 3: Result

After weeks of hard work and discussing features with the with group we had to present it to the jury and others groups. We were with 8 persons, our group and the girls group, presented it and voted for other projects. After that we had to wait to the results. We finished with a big lead on top! We got the price, a dinner voucher. But we saw potential in our app, so we asked an teacher to make an appointment with the management of the Da Vinci College. He did. We spoke to them, but he turned us down, because the QR-code won't work with the current schooldevices. If we wanted it to work, they had to pay aroudn the 2 million euro's to change the devices. And that's how a high potential stranded. After all, I learned so much this project and it was a great expierence!

Da Vinci App