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Dino the Dino

By: Marc Edel

The background

Since I was a newbie in Illustrator I decided to start making small things. I started of with this little monster called Dino. I wanted to learn how this famous pentool works.


The tools I used: Illustrator

Dino the Dino

The process

How did I make it?

Step 1: Concept

We got some lessons Illustrator on my study, but the amount I learned wasn't much. So I decided to start learning it by myself. I wanted to learn on how to use the pentool. It had to be a challenging project, since you only learn things when you do stuff where you don't know about.


Step 2: Making off

I watched for cartoon images on the internet and stumbled upon this dino. I opened it in Illustrator and selected the pentool. I drawed some lines over the image until I had a rectangled dino. I picked up the anchorpoints and put them in the right form. I removed the image and the little monster was born. I filled it up with some colors and Dino lived.

Step 3: Result

Well this project wasn't as hard as my first movie, but atleast I know how this pentool works now.

Dino the Dino