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Game of Thrones fantrailer

By: Marc Edel

The background

The combination of wanting to expand my skills in movie editing and being a huge fan of the series a Game of Thrones, resulted in this Game of Thrones fantrailer. I made it in Adobe Premiere Pro. It's my second movie ever made and I am really proud of it! This movie is the result of my second expierence with Premiere Pro and I meant to learn from it, what I did.


The tools I used: Premiere Pro

The process

How did I make it?

Step 1: Concept

I wanted a movie where emotions has the overtone and a dark themed movie. Not a happy one, cause Game of Thrones isn't a very happy serie. After that, I thought about what do I want to tell my audience? My first idea was to give Arya Stark, a character in Game of Thrones, a tribute, but instead I decided to tell a story about who could possibily be the king of Westeros.


Step 2: Making off

After I had made the decision about the story I wanted to tell, I opened Premiere Pro. The only thing I thought, although it was my second time, what a huge and unstructured program it is. I picked up some clips from the serie and put them in my movie. I played it and it looked awful, there was no effect in jumping from one to another scene, uneven sounds and no HD-quality. So I decided to follow some tutorials on the internet and it helped. I learned how to use soundeffects and movement between scenes. Slowly but sustained I got futher and further until it finished. I ended up with a movie which is dark themed and plays in on the vieuwers emotion.

Step 3: Result

Hard work pays off! I'm really proud of the result and I hope you enjoy watching it! I and multiple others enjoyed it!