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By: Marc Edel

The background

I was looking for a background image for my macbook. Also I wanted to learn about blending images and text in on a different background image. So I decided to make a poster by myself.


The tools I used: Photoshop

Game of Thrones Background

The process

How did I make it?

Step 1: Concept

Since I'm a huge fan of the serie a Game of Thrones I decided to make something related. It also has to be a happy and colorful thing because I like that combination.


Step 2: Making off

So I picked some of the families and their color, sigil and motto. I made a stroke for each family and gave that s stroke a color. Behind the color there's a little texture image so it gives the stroke some depth. I choosed a font which fit in the serie's context and blend it in. When I was done I saved it as my background.

Step 3: Result

This wasn't that hard to do. But I enjoyed doing it. Being busy with photoshop and learning new things is always a good thing to do. It still is my background image now and I am really proud of the outcome. I like my selfmade poster.

Game of Thrones Background