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By: Marc Edel

The background

I had to make my own magazine for the graphic design minor I followed during my study Communication and Multimedia Design. It is also available as a offline magazine.

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The tools I used: InDesign

The Marc Magazine

The process

How did I make it?

Step 1: Concept

I followed the minor graphic design. The final project to make was my own magazine filled with content I made during the lessons. As colorful my portfolio is, as dark is my magazine. I wanted to convey my thoughts to other designers. I thought directly about something magicals ans mysticals.


Step 2: Making off

Before I made this magazine, I made the content, which I am not going to show here. The magazine itself is made in Adobe InDesign. I didn't start with the cover. I started with the colors, fonts, grids and layout which I wanted to use. On this way, I can make masterpages and make up my magazine very fast. I started with the cover and the preface. The table of contents was the last thing I made. Another important thing for me was: difference. We also interviewed someone. As did other groups. Yes, the content of other people which I didn't do is also in my magazine. But only the interviews and researches. Finally I send it to the printer and had the offline version. Curious what is inside my magazine? Click the button. It will open a new tab with the online magazine.

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Step 3: Result

Well this project wasn't as hard as my first movie, but atleast I know how this pentool works now.