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Skitrip aftermovie

By: Marc Edel

The background

We were on a skitrip and got a Go Pro camera to make some videos while we are skiing. At first it wasn't meant to result in an aftermovie. But I decided to expand my skills in video editing so I used this footage to start my first project ever in Premiere Pro.


The tools I used: Premiere Pro, After Effects

The process

How did I make it?

Step 1: Concept

I wanted to create a simple and exciting movie which captures our most important activities so it won't get boring by filling it with to much of the same thing. It has to be a movie we as family can look back and say: 'That was a great moment right there!'.


Step 2: Making off

When I knew what kind of movie I wanted to make, I openend Premiere Pro and I was by it. It's big and for a beginner not very clear what I could do with it. So I just started by sorting out the good footage which I am going to use and opened them In Premiere Pro. I cut off parts and put them in the timeline. I repeated this until I had a movie of 2 whole minutes. I picked some sound effects and a song and it was done.

Step 3: Result

My first own movie. What a day was it when I finished it. Watch the result on the right. I hope you enjoy it. And remember, it was my first movie ever, so don't judge to hard.